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Board Members:
     Gwyn Gorg
Vice President
     Sandra Shawhan

     Rob Digman
     Ayin Adams, Ph.D.
     Erica Jordan
     Anna Pirsch

Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition
     Hawai`i (Maui)

A 501(C) (3) non-profit organization.


The Signature Events We Celebrate are as follows:

Kwanzaa - (Dec. 26, 2014-Jan. 1, 2016)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - (January 16, 2017)
Black History Month - (Feb. 1-28, 2017)
Juneteenth - (June 19, 2017)

Sustaining Enriching Programs:

Dr. MLK Jr. Candlelight Vigil - (TBA)
Maui Black Film Festival - (TBA)
Keepers Of The Culture Dinner Awards - (TBA)
Dr. MLK Jr. Run/Walk For Peace - (April, Date:TBA)

Our Next Big Events:

Date: June 17th, 2017 @ Kepaniwai Park / Heritage Gardens

Watch here for all updated information for our celebrations and events.

Juneteenth Celebration

MLK Peace Run

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